Pay Equity in Oregon – Moving Forward

Hello AAUW Public Policy and Government Relations Department, AAUW of Oregon Leadership Team and Branch Presidents,

Last evening, Tuesday, October 2, I took the opportunity to attend a Community Forum on Equal Pay held in Portland. The event was organized by Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.  Commissioner Avakian has challenged the Oregon Council on Civil Rights to role out a plan to address wage disparity.  (He anticipates Oregon to be the first state in the country with a pay equity plan.) Six council members, one of whom is an AAUW member, attended and heard testimony from attendees. Prior to the testimony, council members gave overviews of five pay equity models–four in Canada and one in Switzerland.
The content and networking opportunities at the event were incredible! AND there will be another similar event in Eugene on November 15. I highly recommend every AAUW member attend. And take your membership recruitment forms!!
For more information:
OR Council on Civil Rights website –
The OCCR invites you to take a survey: Pay Equity Feedback Form. It can be found at Please encourage all AAUW members to take the survey.
Finally……….I have attached notes I took at the event in case you are interested in learning of some details. Feel free to share this message and the attachment.

Breaking through Barriers with Advocacy,

Mardy Stevens
AAUW Leadership Corps

Oregon Council on Civil Rights within the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries
Community Forum on Equal Pay
October 2, 2012

Notes –
1) The council chair’s overview of the council’s work sounded as though we were at an AAUW event! And she acknowledged a lot of the council’s awareness was brought forward by the councilor who just happens to be an AAUW member!!! One male council member referenced Lilly Ledbetter.

2) Attendees included a state senator, a candidate for the Oregon supreme court, a state representative, a Tualatin City Councilor, a staff member at U of O who is secretary of the AFL-CIO, Andrea Paluso of Mother PAC Teressa Raiford, Oregon director of Unite Women, and members of the commissioner’s staff.

3) Comments from testimony included:

* Mothers in the work force, without children, earn more.
* Motherhood is the leading predictor of poverty in old age.
* Need transparency and clear thresholds in monitoring pay equity.
* Fear is a key issue, and it is heightened among minorities.
* There is an impact on whole families when women are not paid fairly. And this progresses to an impact on communities. Pay equity is not just a women’s issue.
* Advice to the councilors: Hold accountable the leaders of groups you talk to.
* Volunteer work is undervalued.
* Women’s family responsibilities impact the pay gap.
* There is a need to address technical support for employers.
* The highest paid individuals in Oregon are Asian men. The lowest paid individuals in Oregon are Hispanic women.

4) Next Steps for the Council:
* Create PSAs to empower.
* Put action plan together in the next few months.

The Oregonian August 22,2012

Wired Class of 2016 has little use for radio, TV sets by Dinesh Ramde

These are among 75 references on this year’s Beloit College Mindset List, a nonscientific compilation meant to remind teachers that college freshman born mostly in 1994, see the world in a much different way.

The students are also accustomed to seeing women in positions of leadership. They came of age at a time when Madeleine Albright was serving as the first female U.S. secretary of state, and women have held the position for most of their lives.

The lists have begun attracting attention from government agencies, athletic organizations and other groups that want to know how the younger generation thinks. Nief and McBride will be sharing their insights with  employees of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. in October.

The new generation gets a lot of its news from Jon Stewart’s ” The Daily Show.” But if they miss an episode, they can always get instant news from You Tube (No. 5 on the list).

The theme of last years list was how wired the incoming class was. This year’s class includes students who might be bitter at the previous generation, Nief said. While their elders went to college in good times and had jobs waiting for them, these students grew up watching their parents worry about unemployment and foreclosures.

That sentiment was captured in item 16, which notes unemployment has risen 2 percentage points in their lifetimes.

But they also live in an era of potential. Gene therapy has always been available, and they don’t waste time with outdated technologies like radios and point and shoot cameras.

Thought this might be interesting about what the future generation is like.

Margaret (Maggie) Burton AAUW Online President

Title IX

The Oregonian did a five part series this last week on Title IX.  It was excellent.  This is the fortieth anniversary of Title IX.  The number of young women able to participate in sports in our country has soared since Title IX was passed in 1972.

If you are interested in participating in events for Oregon’s celebration of woman’s suffrage check out the Century of Action website at  AAUW of Oregon is putting together a group to march in the parade at the Pendleton Roundup in September.  Keep those beautiful dresses and gorgeous hats out and ready to wear!

This is my final blog as President of the AAUW of Oregon Online Branch.  I want to thank everyone for your support for the branch over the last four years.  The Online Branch is a great concept and has incredible potential for AAUW of Oregon.

Penney Hoodenpyle
Online Branch
AAUW of Oregon

Online Branch Meeting Summary

The quarterly meeting of the AAUW of Oregon Online Branch was held May 21, 2012.

Current branch funds are $105.00.  There are six members in our branch.  Three have renewed for 2012-2013.

Outreach to newspapers in Oregon regarding our branch will be done the end of May.  Our Facebook page and group continue.  The website blog occasionally gets a hit.  I do appreciate the effort you have all made to promote our branch.  It is a viable option for members but we do need to do more and better marketing.

Several of you contributed to our book group.  Thank you very much.  If you have a book review and want to post it on our blog, just let me know.

As you know we voted at our August meeting to contribute $200.00 to our state’s NCCWSL Fund to help send more than one student to this excellent conference.  The money we contributed was used to augment the funds available for the one candidate sent by Oregon.  I do hope next year we will again be able to contribute some funds.

At the AAUW of Oregon Convention in Pendleton this April our branch received the top award for membership!  We increased our branch membership by 20% for 2011-2012 – more than any other branch in the state!  Congratulations to us!  Several branch members participated in convention:  Sunny was a convention workshop presenter; Mardy was a State Named Gift Honoree; Cynthia was re-elected our state president; I did a work shop on navigating the AAUW websites regarding membership; new member Mary did an excellent job with the by-laws discussion and changes.  The Online Branch was well represented!

Just a quick update on the Virtual Branch work going on at the National level – the group to develop guidelines on Virtual Branches will be meeting later this month.  If you have ideas about guidelines for Online/Virtual Branches, please send them to me.

We have talked in the past about partnering with a like-minded group.  I have thought about the Oregon Commission for Women.  No decision has made on a group.

As you know Marilyn and I are term limited out of our positions as Finance Vice President and President of the branch of June 30, 2012.  I do hope you will consider stepping forward to serve as either President/Administrative Contact or Finance Chair for 2012-2014.  There is information available on the AAUW website regarding both these positions. Since the branch is young and evolving, this is a great leadership opportunity!  Let me know by June 15, 2012, if either position works for you.

Thank you again for all your support!

Penney Hoodenpyle
Online Branch

Charlotte Basch

Every year the Hillsboro/Forest Grove branch awards a scholarship to a Pacific University female undergraduate student.

This year’s winner was Charlotte Basch.  She is from Seaside and majoring in Anthropology, Sociology, and Indigenous Studies.  Charlotte was instrumental in helping create a new Indigenous Studies program at Pacific University.  The program will offer its first classes in the fall of 2012.

Charlotte is a tribal council member from the Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes.  She sits on the Language and Culture Committee for the tribe.  Her tribe is not federally recognized.  Her concerns are for her tribe’s loss of language, dances, songs and stories.  While federal recognition would be good, right now the tribe needs revitalization more.  With her scholarship she will focus her education on retention and revitalization of indigenous cultures – her own and others around the world.

Recently I had the honor of hearing Charlotte speak about her tribe and the new Indigenous Studies program.   Congratulations to a dynamic and thoughtful young woman!

Penney Hoodenpyle
Online Branch