Welcome! 2020-2021

Branch Meeting Dates will continue to be on the 2nd Tuesday, 7pm, but on Zoom this year. The next Branch meeting will be May 11, 2021; and Zoom invitations will go out to all members a couple of days beforehand. Potential guests may email the Branch President for the resource list and an invitation.

For the Program at the upcoming evening meeting on May 11th, we are going to be exploring “Propaganda.” See “10 Ways That Freud’s Nephew Duped Us All (And Still Does)” :

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The National office of AAUW continues to recommend that States and Branches bear in mind that the average age of our members is 72+ and that members in the more vulnerable age group, and anyone with underlying conditions, take all possible precautions.

AAUW of Oregon strongly advises all branches to refer to the State of Oregon and local directives before planning meetings or events.  The health, safety and welfare of our members is our highest priority.

The most up-to-date state and county information can be found at https://govstatus.egov.com/OR-OHA-COVID-19.

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