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What’s Happening Now
Wednesday, November 15th
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Anna Allen
Anna Allen

“What’s Happening Now” with Indigenous Issues was our focus for our November 15th program. We all have an awareness of the many issues such as mental health, education, sexual abuse and assault, addiction, and murdered and missing individuals. But who is taking action, and what actions are happening? Anna Allen, Tribal Affairs Advisor for the Multnomah County Office of Government Relations, told us of her work, her connections, and what is happening now.


Our first meeting of the new year was
A Panel Discussion with Three Oregon and
Four California NCCWSL Attendees

Our program on 9/22 was very interesting! It was planned by the Oregon Online Branch and we invited the California Online Branch to be a part of it. The speakers shared their experiences of attending a National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, (NCCWSL–nick-whistle). These conferences are held yearly and are run by AAUW

Click HERE to watch the video of the wonderful presentation.