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Online Branch 2014-2015

Our AAUW of Oregon Online Branch did a strategic plan in 2013. We asked for input from all our members.
One was to encourage College students to join our branch. We now have eleven college student members.

Another suggestion was to have something each month so we added programs and a book group besides our meetings.

Cynthia Rauscher our State President at the time encouraged AAUW members to join our branch. We now have sixteen members five primary and eleven dual. We appreciate them all.

We are working with the State Co-presidents Penney Hoodenpyle and Joyce Zook also members on Child Care in the Community Colleges, costs, hours

Welcome to AAUW of Oregon Online Branch

The Online Branch is geared for AAUW members who want to participate in a non traditional branch featuring a variety of formats. The Virtual Branch format appeals to different age groups, life styles, personal and professional need, and provides members with more AAUW membership and participation choices. All branch activities and programs are done Online.