Title IX

The Oregonian did a five part series this last week on Title IX.  It was excellent.  This is the fortieth anniversary of Title IX.  The number of young women able to participate in sports in our country has soared since Title IX was passed in 1972.

If you are interested in participating in events for Oregon’s celebration of woman’s suffrage check out the Century of Action website at www.CenturyofAction.org.  AAUW of Oregon is putting together a group to march in the parade at the Pendleton Roundup in September.  Keep those beautiful dresses and gorgeous hats out and ready to wear!

This is my final blog as President of the AAUW of Oregon Online Branch.  I want to thank everyone for your support for the branch over the last four years.  The Online Branch is a great concept and has incredible potential for AAUW of Oregon.

Penney Hoodenpyle
Online Branch
AAUW of Oregon