Charlotte Basch

Every year the Hillsboro/Forest Grove branch awards a scholarship to a Pacific University female undergraduate student.

This year’s winner was Charlotte Basch.  She is from Seaside and majoring in Anthropology, Sociology, and Indigenous Studies.  Charlotte was instrumental in helping create a new Indigenous Studies program at Pacific University.  The program will offer its first classes in the fall of 2012.

Charlotte is a tribal council member from the Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes.  She sits on the Language and Culture Committee for the tribe.  Her tribe is not federally recognized.  Her concerns are for her tribe’s loss of language, dances, songs and stories.  While federal recognition would be good, right now the tribe needs revitalization more.  With her scholarship she will focus her education on retention and revitalization of indigenous cultures – her own and others around the world.

Recently I had the honor of hearing Charlotte speak about her tribe and the new Indigenous Studies program.   Congratulations to a dynamic and thoughtful young woman!

Penney Hoodenpyle
Online Branch